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Our operation is structured on various product lines which enables us to generate specialist knowledge and on geographical basis to ensure immediate access to our many clients throughout Nigeria. Immediately following, you will find the names of our Principal Officers and addresses of our offices:

A. A. Adeyeye, FCII, FIIN - Deputy Chairman & CEO

  1. General Insurance Broking Sector
    S.O.A. Egbeyemi, FCII - Deputy Managing Director
    L.A. Akintayo, FCII - General Manager
    O.T. Olajide, ACII - Deputy General Manager
    L.A. Otegbolade, FCII - Deputy General Manager
    F.O. Okiya, ACII - Assistant General Manager
    S.O. Yusuf, ACII - Assistant General Manager
    M.O. Ojo, ACII - Controller
  2. Specialty Insurance Broking Sector embracing Oil & Gas, Marine & Aviation, Construction and Special Projects
    A.J. Madukwe, FCII - Executive Director
    N.O. Nwani, ACII - General Manager
    S.O. Ogunyemi, ACII - Controller
  3. Research and Business Development
    A.O. Awolaja , ACIIN,MBA - Assistant General Manager
    Y.L. Obisanya (Miss), ACII - Assistant General Manager
  4. Finance & Administration
    J.A. Omopariola, FCA - Executive Director
    O.I. Odedere, FCA - General Manager, Internal Audit
  5. S.O. Adelaja, FCA - Deputy General Manager, Accounts
  6. Consultants
    Peter Genders, ACII - Business Development

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